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6-month programme | Learn – Connect – Act
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Pioneers for Change was created because of a vision; a vision to create a global community of change-makers who create meaningful positive change and inspire others around them.
Rated by 2015 Fellows

100% of our Fellows would recommend Pioneers for Change to a friend

85% said they feel better equipped to be a Pioneer for Change

“This was my validation that I am here on this earth to do amazing and life changing things! Thank you so much for that!” Testimonial, 2015 Fellow

“Definitely hands down one of the best learning sessions I have ever attended!”  Testimonial, 2015 Fellow

“The sustainable merchandise / gifts was a great touch and unexpected. I think it’s a real testament to what you’re trying to deliver that you ensured it was a zero-waste event and the venue choice was excellent.” Testimonial, 2015 Fellow

“I will and have recommended the training. Great speakers, excellent company, working with both right and left brain, focussed on leadership. I liked it and it tends to resonate to all I tell about it.”Testimonial, 2015 Fellow

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ∞ Margaret Mead


Pioneers for Change is leading a worldwide network of talented individuals and global citizens who share a conviction to create meaningful social change in the world.

We gather change-makers from business, the community, investors, thinkers and doers, who are committed to harnessing their talents, energy and resources as a force for good.

We offer a global Fellowship. We convene for 3-days in London for a treasure hunt of the awesome; and for the 6-months following, we provide each individual 9-hours of dedicated mentoring and tailored executive coaching to effectively bring their world changing ambitions to fruition, and support their actions and momentum.

Every great movement begins as a simple idea. Pioneers for Change (PFC) is a UK based social enterprise that launched in 2015 with an immensely successful pilot.

PFC is bought to life by people and an on-going exploration that builds on personal and / or professional commitment, and social change themes. We invite collaboration and engage participation. We equip people to build-their-own (DIY) journey and celebrate effective change.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ∞ John Quincy Adams

The Journey

We unite a small group of visionaries to connect with, learn from, and support each other on our expertly curated, transformative journey.

In a world with limited resources but unlimited possibilities, the Fellowship is an intimate, and dynamic forum that provides a platform for social change enthusiasts

from all walks of life to share ideas, to challenge convention, to change industries or to invent better ways of doing things.

Our imperative is to be small, beautiful and meaningful. We want to show individuals what they can do – in their own powerful way – to contribute to a better world.

Our goal is to create a paradigm shift; a new cultural norm and wisdom economy.

Our aim is organic and viral growth.

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” ∞ Jack Welch

How it Works

PFC is a Fellowship open to anyone aged 28 – 108 years old. Attendance is by application and capped to 30 individuals annually.

The heart of PFC is an annual and intimate 3-day long, private convention.

We carefully curate a transformative journey, which gathers individuals and global citizens to connect, learn and explore their limits, share their vision, experience beyond their comfort zone, remind them of what is possible and empower them to achieve their world changing ambitions.

During 3-days of TEDx style talks, energising and core shaking workshops and activities, raw and empathetic human interaction, people leave PFC thinking and feeling differently.

PFC is more than a set of talks; it unites a group of visionaries. It is an immersive experience, rather than an event. An essential part of what makes PFC special is its intimacy – the sitting, sharing and experiencing together.

It is a combination of factors that makes this Fellowship
 so special; a place where the magic comes from all of it, not just from one part of it.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” ∞ John F. Kennedy

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” ∞ Henry Adams

Join The Movement

The 2015 Fellowship gathered senior professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers, philanthropists and career changers with diverse life, age, industry and cultural backgrounds.

Pioneers for Change has it’s own Huffington Post weekly blog which showcases the ethos and provides glowing exposure of the Fellowship as well as showcasing a community of social catalysts, who are sharing disruptive ideas and personal stories of being a force for greater good.

Benefits of attending:

  • Combines the latest thinking, hands on practice, and guidance from expert contributors at the forefront of their field, who have an ambitious vision of what a better future looks like.
  • Tackles opportunities and challenges together, and creates a personal manifesto to bring about meaningful social change, and a contribution to a better world.
  • A tailored, independent and intimate forum with like-minded individuals who are not expected to sit back and listen, but rather, bring their talents, experience and wisdom to the roundtable.
  • Support for 6-months by talented and remarkable innovators and leaders, and other Fellows through digital and virtual channels.
  • New perspectives, a new network of brilliant people, and insights from diverse, like-minded others.
  • As a social enterprise, generous support enables us to offer the Fellowship for £1,750 per person.

“A leader is a dealer in hope.” ∞ Napoleon Bonaparte


Our work is made possible through collaboration with partner organisations and the support of individuals, private sector partners, and others who give their time, expertise and funding, including Pioneers for Change Alumni.

We are committed to establishing partnerships for mutual advantage, and long-term success and benefit.


  • Opportunity for attendance and exposure to new thinking, ideas and a like-minded network.
  • The chance to contribute to creating a wisdom economy. Benefit from and pass on experience and learning to others.
  • Opportunity to contribute to our Huffington Post Pioneers for Change blog.
  • Recognition on our website, and in press and promotions for Pioneers for Change.
  • Networking opportunities with attendees, speakers, mentors and other partners.


  • A personal learning and exchange opportunity, exposing new thinking and ideas.
  • The chance to contribute to creating a wisdom economy; share experience and learning with others.
  • Opportunity to contribute to our Huffington Post Pioneers for Change blog.
  • Recognition on our Pioneers for Change website.
  • Networking opportunities with attendees, speakers and other mentors through digital channels.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ∞ Helen Keller

Our Pioneers for Change 2015 pilot was funded by generous individuals and fees from attendees.

We seek financial and in-kind partnerships. Securing a major sponsor or donation (or combination of both!), we can achieve financial sustainability, and our vision of building on our success to deliver Pioneers for Change activities and Fellowship in 2016/2017 and beyond.

Essentially, we love proactive, wild and random suggestions that fit with our ethos and communal energy to drive social change.

Let’s talk if you have suggestions or ideas for other ways to be involved. Here are some of our ideas:

  • Sponsor, donate or strategically partner to fund our £75,000 catalyst pot – anonymously, or with creative and public leverage.
  • Strategically partner to offer 3-hours of pro-bono executive coaching per attendee.
  • Host or pay the costs of our venue and catering. The venue is a critical part of showcasing our ethos and we have some ideas!
  • Join our co-creation committee to plan content – the focus is on quality and creativity.
  • Pro-bono support with marketing, communications, website development, social media, etc.
  • Be a speaker / contributor. The Fellowship is a melting pot of humanity, shared ideas and stimulus 
to inspire and expand the mind – stories from modern or every day heros, purveyors of radical ideas or emotional intelligence, visual arts, theatre and improvisation, passionate and creative people, poets, story tellers…
  • Volunteer to be a mentor.
  • Reach out to your networks to spread the word to apply for a Fellowship place, or to fund or support us, 
or to generously fund a scholarship for someone deserving, who is unable to fund themselves.
  • Join our Advisory Board.
  • Become an Ambassador of Pioneers for Change.
  • Write for our Huffington Post Pioneers for Change blog.