Pioneers for Change

Programme 2015

How it Works

The plan?
(small steps x lots of people) + fun = BIG change… and a meaningful journey

Many sessions will share short messages that combine personal stories with practical ideas. Most presentations will devote at least 50% of the time to audience interaction and Q&A. Many speakers will be available during refreshment breaks, lunch or dinner for informal conversation.

All sessions will involve more time for learning, doing, connecting as well as time to listen, absorb insight and personally reflect.

Day 1: 23rd March 2015
The focus is inspiration, motivation and provocation.

08:00 – 21:30 including conversation dinner


Welcome Breakfast

Morning Inspiration: Why Me? | Mac Macartney
“You wield power. Honour that which is sacred in nature in everything that you do.”

What does it look like to be a messenger of hope and courage in the world?

Let the Journey Begin | Debbie Warrener

Masterclass: How to Change the World | John-Paul Flintoff

Combining insights from history, politics, psychology, business, religion and improvisational theatre, explore our relationship with ‘power’ and how the quest for harnessing our own power, can transform the world and lead to a more sustainable and peaceful place to live.

Masterclass: A Metamorphosis in our Midst | Giles Hutchins

We live in a supreme moment where our world view is ripe for radical transformation. This session explores the profound shifts afoot in business and beyond, in relation to our role as pioneers for change.


Masterclass: Purpose and Potential | John-Paul Flintoff

Shift into a pioneering perspective: connecting with your Self.


Masterclass: Exploring you Inner Activist | Mac Macartney

Dive deep into authentic connection with creativity, insight purpose and strength to explore your leadership philosophy.


Catalytic Discussion: How Small Things Make Big Things Happen

This discussion is an in depth and interactive interview style dialogue between speakers, facilitator and attendees to share experiences and learning from their bold and collaborative approaches to making a difference in the world.


Stephen Dawson, Social Entrepreneur

Katrin Macmillan, Founder, Projects 4 All

Vinay Nair, Social Investment Business Foundation

Facilitator: Anna Josse, The Prism Gift Fund

Courageous Conversations

Roll up sleeves and get talking: how to grow ideas; how to apply purpose; best idea exchange.

Storytime | Hannah McDowell

The Adventure of Jumping Mouse

Conversation Dinner

An informal evening over a special feast of food, wine, thought provoking ideas and great conversation.

Day 2: 24th March 2015
The focus is mobilisation, activation and future creation.

08:00-19:30 including drinks reception


Welcome breakfast

Morning Inspiration: Stepping into the Unknown | Sue Stockdale

What you could do, that you are currently not doing, and how it could add value to you and others, if you did it.

Reconnect and Buzz | Debbie Warrener

Catalytic Discussion: The Business of Creating Value

This discussion is an in depth and interactive interview style dialogue between speakers, facilitator and attendees to share experiences of their journey to realise their vision for the world – through stories they heard, how these stories influenced their journey and how they have learned to tell their own story. The discussion will provide insight on what values and purpose underpin a journey of creating value, and the involvement, participation and dialogue required to motivate and engage others effectively.


Paul Robinson, Founder, Alquity

Simon Boyle, Beyond Food Foundation

Silja Nyboe Andersen, The Big Issue Foundation

Facilitator: Caroline Fiennes, Giving Evidence


Inspiring Conversation: Pioneering the Possible with Scilla Elworthy

Considering the 10 stale values that have informed the current mess and exploring 10 new values to get us out of the mess. Deepen skills of listening, understanding your own unique contribution and the vital importance of self-awareness.


Catalytic Discussion: The Edge of Possibility

This discussion is an in depth and interactive interview style dialogue between speakers, facilitator and attendees to share experiences and stories of their journey to realise their vision for the world. The discussion will provide insight on what it means to be a visionary leader within business, community or wider society; what are the qualities and abilities of visionary leaders? What are the barriers and limitations, and how to overcome? How does vision inspire, motivate and help identify priorities?


Julia Groves, The Trillion Fund

Fiona Ward, The Transition Network

Marc Winn, The Dandelion Project

Facilitator: Catherine Tillotson, Scorpio Partnership


Ground Reality: Revelation to Revolution | Justine Lutterodt

An interactive discussion designed to help sharpen your vision, anticipate and understand common hurdles, how to overcome them and find a sense of personal balance in order to become a more effective change-maker.

Courageous Commitments


Cocktail Celebration

Individuals from around the world are invited to join this intimate yet formidable gathering of like-minded people, who all have something in common: an interest in pursuing goals, adding value and making a difference in the world.

We are actively seeking to gather committed and talented thinkers and do-ers and expect a diverse group of participants. We welcome wealth holders, wealth inheritors, aspiring philanthropists, impact investors, social angel investors, change agents, senior executives, career changers, entrepreneurs, family nominated advisors and more.

Pioneers for Change brings remarkable, curious and open-minded people together in an independent, confidential, committed, active and engaged environment.

The Fellowship selection process is designed to ensure the calibre and dynamic of participants will facilitate a trusted, dynamic learning environment. Fellows are capped at a maximum of 50 individuals.

Pioneers for Change has a firm non-solicitation policy. The independent and intimate environment requires attending participants to attend as individuals, rather than as part of an organisation, in order to allow for authentic conversation and connections to develop naturally.

All that is missing is YOU. Are you in?

Our 2014 venue reflects the ethos and values of Pioneers for Change. The Brigade is a vibrant venue and unique social enterprise led by Chef Founder Simon Boyle, which combines business sense and corporate responsibility values. Together with the Beyond Food Foundation, Brigade offers vulnerable people catering apprenticeships, giving them a brighter future. Food is based on simple, well-sourced ingredients, as local as possible and from known farmers and suppliers.